All meet times, places,  and tabulations provided by and available from Lou Fraulo Racing Systems, the official timers of the Passaic County Coaches Association.

 1 Eastern Christian 52 

  2 Wayne Hills 52 (Tie Breaker)

  3 Wayne Valley 75  

  4 West Milford 89  

  5 Clifton 120 

  6 Lakeland 154  

  7 Pompton Lakes 193

  8 Passaic 202  

  9 Mary Help/Christians 275
Top-10 Individuals

  1 Kristen Traub, Eastern Christian, 18:45 

  2 Alyssa Loffredo, Wayne Hills, 20:11 

  3 Ganrielle Gonzaga, Clifton, 20:18 

  4 Kaytlin Callaghan, Wayne Valley, 20:25

  5 Bailey Ott, Pompton Lakes,  20:38 

  6 Allison Fournier, Wayne Valley,  20:39 

  7 Marni Millstein, Wayne Hills, 20:40 

  8 Erin Van Lenten, Eastern Christian, 20:46 

  9 Lucy Peschel, Wayne Hills, 20:51 

 10 Amy Cochran, West Milford, 21:00 
Kristen Traub Eastern Christian
Alyssa Loffredo Wayne Hills
Gabrielle Gonzaga Clifton
Kaitlyn Callaghan Wayne Valley
Bailey Ott Pompton Lakes
Allison Fournier Wayne Valley
Marni Millstein Wayne Hills
Erin Van Lenten Eastern Christian
Lucy Peschel Wayne Hills
Amy Cochran West Milford
Joel Apol Eastern Christian
Hope Kremer Lakeland
Jessica Wisse Eastern Christian
Kayla Van Lenten Eastern Christian
Erin Callaghan Wayne Valley
Stephanie Bitcon Wayne Hills
Leslie Lynn West Milford
Christa Callamari West Milford
Kelly Sietsma Eastern Christian
Caitlyn Wallace Wayne Hills
Taylor Ryan West Milford
Clifton Ivonne Boria
Clifton  Alexa Budhi
De Paul Catholic Patricia Majowicz
Eastern Christian  Bethany Van Eck
Eastern Christian  Kathryn Post
Eastside  Nainah Allen
Eastside  Shakylah Edwards
Hawthorne Christian Academy     Meaghan McCann
Lakeland  Alenandra Faeth
Lakeland  Violet Rooney
Manchester  Angela Anxhela
Manchester   Sandra Ghubej
Passaic  Diane Rodriguez
Passaic Zahtae Mouzolle
Passaic County Tech     Bianco Ayala
Passaic County Tech    Kerry Ann Edwards
Passaic Valley  Doria Brown
Passaic Valley  Jamie Mulroony
Pompton Lakes  Dusty Sacco
Pompton Lakes Brenna Falvey
Wayne Hills Alexandra Pyper
Wayne Hills  Jenny-Lee Aciu
Wayne Valley   Angeline Matthews
Wayne Valley   Alyssa Covello