All meet times, places,  and tabulations provided by and complete results available from Lou Fraulo Racing Systems, the official timers of the Passaic County Coaches Association.

1 Wayne Valley 50
2 Wayne Hills 51
3 Clifton 91
4 West Milford 122
5 Passaic County Tech 133

6 Kennedy 148
7 Pompton Lakes 199
8 Passaic 211
9 Lakeland 239
10 Eastern Christian 262

11 Manchester 208
12 De Paul Catholic 342
13 Eastside 354
14 Passaic Valley 363
Top-10 Individuals

  1 Lee Weisberger, Wayne Hills, 16:40

  2 Daniel Green, Clifton, 16:50  

  3 Dan De Block, West Milford, 16:57

  4 Michael Sheptock, Wayne Valley, 17:03

  5 Victor Reyes, Passaic County Tech, 17:06

  6 Zachary Post, Wayne Valley, 17:09

  7 Jack LaCarubba, Wayne Valley, 17:10

  8 Nicholas Rodriguez, Passaic County Tech, 17:11

  9 Andrew Nashed, Manchester, 17:21

 10 Brendan Ungemach, Wayne Hills, 17:33  
 Name  School Grade
Daniel Green Clifton 12
Andrew Nashed Manchester
Victor Reyes Passaic County Tech 12
Nicolas Rodriguez Passaic County Tech 11
Lee Weisberger Wayne Hills 11
Brendan Ungemach Wayne Hills 9
Michael Sheptock Wayne Valley 12
Zachary Post Wayne Valley 11
Jack LaCarubba Wayne Valley 10
Dan De Block West Milford 11
Robert Bell Wayne Hills
 2nd Team  
David Monclova  Clifton   11
Jessie Boria  Clifton 10
Jeremy Braunius  Eastern Christian 12
Ahmad Ramadan  Kennedy 12
Justin Diamond  Wayne Hills 11
Alex Vliet  Wayne Hills   12
Matthew Bombard  Wayne Hills   12
Rushi Dave  Wayne Hills   12
Jason Frank  Wayne Valley   11
Kenneth Salvatore  Wayne Valley   11
Clifton       Ryan Dzuiba
Clifton       Elvis Danielle
De Paul Catholic       Mario Ibrahim
De Paul Catholic       Drew Tornabene
Eastern Christian       Samuel Braen
Eastern Christian       Craig Jacobs
Eastside       Miles Brown
Eastside       Justin MC Kenzie
Hawthorne Christian  Academy      Jon Scott
Hawthorne Christian  Academy     Andrew Lee
Kennedy        Jamaal Hilton
Kennedy        Alvin Pujols
Lakeland       Robert Bluze
Lakeland       Tom Moore
Manchester      Dylan Boyle
Manchester        Ian Smith
Passaic       Miguel Galvez
Passaic       Anthony Navaro
Passaic County Tech       Jesus Esquivel
Passaic County Tech       Mohammad Tamimi
Passaic Valley       Kenneth Mirasol
Passaic Valley       Alec Stabile
Pompton Lakes       Randle DeGraaf
Pompton Lakes       Ryan Schwarz
Wayne Hills       Larry Chang
Wayne Hills       Jonathan Shidfar
Wayne Valley       Daniel Sexton
Wayne Valley       Thomas Weiss
West Milford       Lucas Lamb
West Milford       Jonathan Leary